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Sunday Funday #8: Shipt Grocery Delivery Service

Fun fact about me: I will try almost anything at least once. New diet? New product? New beauty trend? Sure, why the heck not?! It might drive my husband crazy sometimes, but I definitely enjoy giving new things a shot!

Last week, one of my patients told me about a grocery delivery service in our area that she claimed had changed her life. She is a mom and has her hands full at home, so this service really took some weight off of her shoulders. Since I like home-cooking, I frequent the grocery store often. Living in a popular area, on Sundays here, our grocery store is swarmed with people getting things for the week. Between driving to and from the store, finding my items in the aisles, fighting cart traffic, and unloading my bags at home, sometimes grocery shopping can take 2 hours out of my day. After, I’m finally able to start meal prepping, but by that time I’m usually tired from shopping and not in the mood to actually get it done!

Cue a little gem of a company called Shipt. After seeing a promotion from someone else online, I decided to give it a go today and test it out. I signed up and downloaded their user-friendly app and then was given the option of shopping items from our local Publix. The app was great because not only was is easy to navigate, but it also had a sale section, so I could easily see what was discounted at Publix for the day. Sometimes I miss these things in the store because I pass them unknowingly or it is too much of a hassle to track them down! I simply added the items I needed for the week to my cart and created my list. Shipt even automatically added 2 of each item that was a buy-one-get-one free item at the store–how awesome! After submitting my order, I was given delivery time options. I was able to choose as soon as an hour after placing my order without any added fees. Shortly after, I got a text from my “shopper” telling me that she was at the store and she asked if I needed to add any last minute items. She kept me in the loop when she was checking out and heading to my house. When she arrived, she turned out to be a super sweet mom and she let me know that everything I wanted was in-stock at the store. I helped her unload her car and then she was on her way! My usual 2 hr trip to the store took me 10 minutes (of grocery bag unpacking) this time instead–HALLELUJAH! While waiting for my food to arrive, I was able to do laundry and some other chores allowing me to fully utilize my time.

My grocery bill for today actually ended up being less than normal because I had a promotion for $$ off my first order and a free trial of their service. Plus, if you order anything over $35, you get free delivery. Normally, Shipt will cost you $14/month or $99/yr for their service. That is pretty comparable to an Amazon Prime membership, so not too bad in terms of price. The only added money that you normally wouldn’t be spending while grocery shopping is a tip you can optionally add to your order for your shopper. I am a big believer in tipping people properly for the services they provide, so I definitely added a tip into my total today (which you can do on the app after the shopper leaves your home).

All in all, I would most certainly use this service again! Especially in the future when I’m working as well as doubling as a mom, I could see this service being extremely helpful and convenient to save time. For those of you not in the Central Florida area, Shipt will usually give you some local super market options to choose from for your shopping needs.

If you are interested in trying this service for yourself, feel free to use my link to save money ($10 back) on your first order and get a free 2-week trial! https://www.shipt.com/groceries/?r=C92B73

Until next time, keep on the sunny side.

xoxo- K