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We moved!

Wow, it has been incredibly too long since my last post. A bunch of new life updates have happened since then! One being that WE MOVED! Moving is not for the faint of heart.

I had mentioned a couple of times that we were making a move soon, but I never talked a lot about because I was afraid to jinx it. The way the mortgage process works takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions and never makes you feel quite secure in the fact that you are actually going to get your house (we felt that way at least).

We signed the papers for our house back in late February and they didn’t start building until early April with all of the permits needing to get passed. Since we only moved down the street from our rental, we got to check on the house on a weekly basis. That was both a blessing and a curse because we could closely monitor what was going on, but sometimes we were also disappointed with how little progress was made.

Our least favorite part (which I’m sure many others would agree) of buying a house was going through the mortgage approval. As young people with student loans, it was extremely frustrating to be looked at like we wouldn’t be good candidates for having a house. We had to go through many approaches to finally find a mortgage option that would work for us. When we got our pre-approval letter we thought we were in the clear and wouldn’t need to worry anymore about the mortgage. Little did we know that they would continue to hassle us for months (up until the week of closing) with verification forms and millions of questions. It was a very stressful period and there were times that I honestly thought they weren’t going to close our house. We tried to be hopeful, but it was discouraging to see the house being built and not fully knowing if we would get to live in it.

Our building process wasn’t the smoothest either, especially in the end. The last two weeks of the build we were SUPER glad we lived close and could continue to check the house because the builder really dropped the ball. We were told for over a month that we would be closing in the last week of September. Hurricane Irma hit and though our house wasn’t damaged at all physically, the energy company who was supposed to put in our new house electric meter was backed up from servicing people affected by the storm. We only found out that we “might” have a closing delay because we realized that we didn’t have a walk through date set yet. A week before closing they said they couldn’t give us any updates on when we would close and continued to string us along thinking that it would still be on time. After repeatedly asking for someone to tell us one way or another if we would be closing on the scheduled date, our builder casually told us (2 days before closing) that it would be delayed 2 weeks. Not only were we angry/upset, but we were panicked because we had to move out of our townhouse by the end of September and our new closing “might” be the first week of October now. We would have been fine with the change if we had known with enough time to make a plan B, but we were put in a major bind with the failed communication. We scrambled to find a way to get all of our belongings out of our townhouse and then had to commute 1+ hr each way from my parents’ house to work until the house was built.

We finally moved in on October 6th and luckily we had the help of both of our parents to get everything inside the house quickly. A huge thank you to our parents because we couldn’t have done it without them! It was such a huge weight off of our shoulders having the keys in our hands after a whirlwind of a building experience. It was almost 7 months of stress and worry that definitely took a toll on us, but in the end, it was certainly worth it. We can now say we are homeowners and unlike our rental home, we are now able to have pets (stay tuned for another big update later)! Our house is beautiful and it is the perfect size to start a family someday. I can’t wait for a little one to hopefully fill the empty guest room we have! Our house is nowhere near fully decorated yet, but there are some pictures below to give you an idea of what it looks like at least.

We feel extremely blessed and we are grateful for everyone who supported us throughout the process (and listened to us vent often)! We will be sending out Christmas cards with our new address soon. Please come visit 🙂


Until next time, keep on the sunny side.

xoxo, K





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