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Meet Oxford The Golden

Belated Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you enjoyed special time sharing the holiday with family and friends. As usual, it’s been crazy around here. There have been a LOT of ups and downs this year, but one of our favorite things about this year has been welcoming a new family member into our home.

He’s sweet, handsome, a charmer, and well, he’s a golden retriever puppy.

Since Peyton and I started dating, we used to send pictures of golden retriever puppies back and forth to one another. We had it all planned out: we would live in Florida, have a house, have a golden retriever puppy, and have some kiddos. We’ve had this plan for years and I’m happy to say 3/4 of those things have become our reality so far! Part of the reason we moved out of our rental townhouse is because we weren’t allowed to have pets. A month or so before our anticipated closing date, we began looking for golden retriever puppies online. We knew we didn’t want a show dog or one with a fancy background, so the options seemed limited. Then one day, I stumbled upon a family that was selling a litter. They were perfect and we already had our eye on some puppies we liked from the litter. That same day, we got in the car, drove 2 hours, and met the puppies so we could pick one out! As you can tell, when Peyton and I want something, we move quickly to go after it. We also couldn’t wait very long because purebred goldens go FAST. We knew when we held one of the puppies in our arms that he was the one. He cuddled up to us and was one of the calmer ones of the bunch. He was only 4 weeks old at the time, so we had to wait another 4 weeks until he was ready to come home. It was torture waiting 4 weeks because of how cute he was!

We feel extremely blessed with the puppy situation we had. We bought him from a sweet family that raised all of the puppies on a pecan farm. When we went to pick him up, he was running around on the farm and his pup mom and dad followed us to our car to give him goodbye kisses. We moved into our new house on October 6th of this year and the following week, we brought him home. We named him Oxford after the town we met in, Oxford, Mississippi.

We consider raising him reaaaaally good practice for raising a real child. He has definitely challenged us in more ways than we could have imagined.  We didn’t get much sleep for a first few weeks of crate training him. He is a big ball of energy and he loves to romp around the house with his toys. He loves belly scratches and to be held/cuddled at all times. He has already met lots of pup friends and has spent some time in our neighborhood dog park. His favorite toy is a stuffed dog from IKEA– it is literally the only toy he hasn’t tried to completely shred. He sleeps with it every night and every morning he carries it downstairs with him to keep by his side. He is the BEST car dog. We have made two long trips to Atlanta and he has slept the majority of both rides. We love him so much and enjoy his fun/spunky personality! We can’t wait to continue to watch him grow.

PS. We are already “those” dog parents. Oxford has his own instagram and you can follow along on his adventures (@oxfordthegolden)!

Until next time, keep on the sunny side.

xoxo- K


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