Daily Life

We moved!

Wow, it has been incredibly too long since my last post. A bunch of new life updates have happened since then! One being that WE MOVED! Moving is not for the faint of heart. I had mentioned a couple of times that we were making a move soon, but I never talked a lot about… Read More We moved!

Daily Life

Hurricane Irma

Happy Saturday! I’m happy to report that we survived our first major hurricane since moving to Florida. Last year, we were threatened with a pretty large hurricane, but it ended up completely missing us and we only got some tropical storm conditions. This year was a different story. The first we heard of hurricane Irma… Read More Hurricane Irma


1 year as a PT

It’s officially been one year. Last May I graduated from PT school, last July I found out I passed my board exam and became a licensed PT, and last August I started working my first [paid] PT job. As with anything, it felt like the days dragged by while the year itself flew. Though I… Read More 1 year as a PT


Shop is LIVE!

Hey everyone! Today’s Sunday Funday recipe of the week is being replaced by a big announcement… I just launched a site for my key wristlets and dog collars on this page! As of right now, you can buy directly from my website by clicking the “shop” header at the top of the page. For those… Read More Shop is LIVE!